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  • Czech Republic Tour 2013

    Posted by on August 12, 2013

    Once again I have been invited back to the Czech Republic for a series of gigs with my regular wingmen Vojtech Jindra on acoustic guitar and Petr Tichy on double bass. They were also my pick up band for the ‘Acrobat’ album release back in January at the Irish Cultural Centre in Hammersmith. We started playing together on my first Czech Republic tour back in 2011 and together we  have developed the songs from the studio albums ‘Exiles’ and ‘Acrobat’ into strong live performances. This year we are playing a mixture of indoor venues and outdoor festivals. From Prague to Plumlov…


    Czech Radio – Regina, with Martin Hrdinka 55 min. live in Nocni proud, 29.7.2013

    Played three songs live from the ‘Acrobat’ album on this late night radio show that broadcasts from Prague. Opened with ‘Gravel Walks’ which led to a conversation, relayed through the stations interpreter, about the travelling life of a musician, Almost a ‘Sullivan’s John’ moment! We then performed ‘Rock-A-Bye Anne’ which opened the floor to the trials and tribulations of the Balkan conflict. Finishing with ‘Acrobat’ gave me the opportunity to introduce the new album and Vojtech was able to discuss our tour itinerary with the announcer. We sat around after the show chatting and I felt proud and happy to be able to come to this wonderful country and share my music and experiences with so many people.


    Photo Set from Barka Fabianova from Balbinka, 30.7.2013

    The rest of the tour went something like this…

    26.7. Uhersky Brod, Zahrada Panského domu

    An open air stage in the back garden of an old monastery. Lovely opening gig of the tour in an intimate setting and a great space for the band to find their feet. Sounding good.

    27.7. Plumlov, Keltska noc

    Major gathering of Celtic themed music and culture in the Plumlov heartland, once the site of the largest Celt settlement in pre Christian Europe. Saw some great music and enjoyed watching Vojtech and Petr in their natural environment with Breton band Bran.

    28.7. Jaslovske Bohunice, Fest Dobre Bohunice (SK)

    Drove over the Czech/Slovakian border for this local festival. Set in a natural amphitheatre, the crowd was small but perfectly formed. Turned out that the promoters brother lives in Limerick City. Small world indeed!

    30.7. Praha, Balbinova poeticka hospudka

    I played this venue in central Prague last year and fell in love with it, The atmosphere there reminds me of the 12 Bar Club in London which I’ve always enjoyed playing. Full house tonight and the band played beautifully to an enthusiastic home crowd. Good to be back.

    1.8. Telc, Prazdniny v Telci

    Open air gig set in the courtyard of an old castle. The town of Telc was built in medieval times and still retains the same character today in the old square. Lovely gig on a shared stage and then a get together and jam session in the old cellars below the castle. Late night, early morning…

    2.8. Brno, Stara Pekarna

    Another great little venue from last year in the student town of Brno. A really cool basement in the city centre with a stage and a PA. What more could you ask for?

    3.8. Karlovske hudebni leto, Penzion Pod Pralesem, Velke Karlovice

    Standing on this open air stage in the Moravian mountains watching the sun go down during the set and seeing the stars blaze brightly at the end of the gig must surely be a personal highlights in all my years as a musician and performer.

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