J EoinJ Eoin comes from Limerick City – a place made famous in the film Angela’s Ashes for its never-ending rain!

He has performed widely and travelled extensively – from Kazakhstan to Norway. His commitment and dedication to live performance and his passion for the art of song writing and song interpretation has sustained and nurtured a long term music career that began at an open door in Ireland and has continued to break on the city shores and the far away oceans across the world today.

J Eoin moved to London in the late ‘80’s to pursue a career as an Irish Folk singer. While living in Ireland he established himself as a solo performer and toured with some of the great Irish Folk revivalists of the time including the Traditional band ‘Clannad’ and the contemporary Folk Rock band ‘Scullion’. It was the merging of these distinctive influences in the early days that has informed J Eoin’s individual sound throughout the years.

Following a number of independent record releases including ‘Ribbonmen’ (1991), ‘Sean One Shoe’ (1994) and ‘Claws’ (1999), J Eoin began the recording a full length debut album in 2001. Eventually released as ‘Exiles’ on the Natural5Four label, it was showcased at the 12 Bar Club in London’s West End in December 2005.

J Eoin’s second studio album ‘Acrobat’ (2012) is a set of twelve new songs with a strong ‘London centric’ theme. Produced by Gerry Diver (Lisa Knapp – ‘Wild and Undaunted’).

‘Sunshowers’, a solo album featuring new material recorded ‘live in the studio’ at the Rua Room, Ghent, Belgium during June 2017 and edits from the ‘Live in Toogenblik’ Brussels concert July 2016, is scheduled for release in March 2018.

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