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    Sunshowers Cover Art by Simone Scafiti

    Sunshowers – 2018


    J Eoin releases ‘Sunshowers’ with independent record label Natural5Four in March 2018.

    A solo album that features new material recorded live at the ‘Rua Room’ in Ghent, Belgium during June 2017 and edits from the ‘Live in Toogenblik’ Brussels concert July 2016.

    Combining songs of love, loss and the enduring quality of the human spirit in times of conflict, the album ‘Sunshowers’ delivers a powerful emotional punch through the ambience of the song arrangements and the pared back production.

    With its ‘back to basics’ approach to recording and performance, ‘Sunshowers’ captures the intimacy and immediacy of one of Ireland’s finest contemporary songwriters and showcases J Eoin’s deft abilities as a outstanding soloist both in a studio setting and in the live arena.

    Exclusively available at gigs and via mail order using PayPal.

    Email albumsales@j-eoin.com for more details.

    Opening song from the album ‘Sunshowers’


     Acrobat – 2012

    Acrobat Album


    J  Eoin’s second studio album ‘Acrobat’ reveals the very real nature of a Celtic soul transiting through the wider world while keeping one eye and a firm hand on the ever changing reality of life in the Big City.
    In this case…London.

    Natural5Four Records presents ‘Acrobat’ produced by the legendary Gerry Diver. The album features J Eoin on vocals and guitars ably backed up by multi-instrumentalist Gerry. The addition of Johnny Bridgewood on Double Bass, Jacquelyn Hynes on flutes and a selection of well chosen guest musicians completes an eclectic line up that creates a spellbinding musical tapestry for J Eoin’s ‘Song Poetry’ to work its own particular magic. Elemental indeed!

    “A truly gifted songwriter” Irish Post

    “Steeped in Irish history and mythology” Guardian

    “Totally modern and enchanting songs” Musician Magazine

    Title song from the album ‘Acrobat’

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    Exiles - J Eoin

    Exiles – 2005


    The album ‘Exiles’ features a series of songs written during the period when I lived around the Holloway Road in North London and gives a home grown voice to the real life characters I met there who went by made up names like Sean One Shoe and Drunken Jesus. 35,000 Irishmen went home that Christmas in ’91 with only their last pay packet in their pockets having spent the best part of forty years building roads and bridges not to mention most of the Underground System in London. I wrote and recorded many of these songs on the album as a tribute to those men and women who arrived with nothing and left with a quiet dignity and hardly a word when their work was done, the likes of whom we may never see again.

    ‘Sean One Shoe’ from the album ‘Exiles’

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